Why do batteries swell and how to protect batteries from severe damage

Most of the batteries we are using are lithium ion.

There are several reasons for battery swelling. Major reason  for this is over charging.  Most people put charging all over night. It is not so good. It impacts the life span of the lithium ion battery.

When we put over charging, it causes to generate excessive heat which has no way to escape. Because lithium ion batteries do not have ventilation facility.
Due to heat, all gases in the battery will heatup, which leads to expansion of the battery.

We have to deal with swelled battery extreme carefully.  It too dangerous to pierce the battery, or throwing in the public dust bins. It causes severe disases like cancer, etc... if anyone inhales the inner gasses. Throwing the battery in the burning fire causes big explosion.

Steps to avoid battery expansion(swelling):

Do not put charging all over the night.

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