How to install Mac OS in virtual Machine (VMWare) easily

In mac OS Sierra, Siri integration, a revamped Apple music application and much more, macOS 10.12 Sierra Final, brings a whole bunch of amazing features. With this Sierra, Siri will make its debut on a Mac and has new capabilities that have been designed for the desktop. This is the only way to make the Mac smarter, and you get hands-free access to your machine. Sierra will also help you shop more securely from online stores and with the new file system, you can now get and free up valuable space.
VMware cannot support to install mac OS in it. We need to patch it. Required tools and procedure is provided below.

  1. Download VMware from here. If you check, it will not has the option to install mac.
  2. Download "Patch Tools" from here and install them. Now you will see the option to install mac.
  3. Download files required to install mac here.
  4. Download Win RAR here for extraction purposes.
  5. Open VMware > File > New Virtual Machine. 
  6. Select options: Guest OS: Apple Mac OS X Version: Mac OS X 10.11 or 10.12
  7. Name and New Virtual Machine Disk.
  8. Click “Edit Virtual Machine Setting”, select "Hard Disk (SATA) XX GB" then click “"Remove".
  9. Click Add – Hard Disk – SATA, Click "Use an Existing Virtual Disk".
  10. Browse to download Image location C:\..\macOS Sierra.vmdk file then click Open
  11. You can set up RAM & processor cores to max as per the availability.
  12. Open Your Virtual Machine Folder “C:\Users\your user\Documents\Virtual Machines”. Right click on VMX file then select Open with “Notepad”.
  13. Copy then Paste this code: smc.version = "0"
  14. Now you are ready to run the installation.

Enjoy with mac OS!!!

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