How to activate the Windows and Microsoft Office

Here we brought new software which you can activate the Windows and even Microsoft Office successfully. It's fully tested and is used by us.

Read the disclaimer here before using the software.

Instructions to use software:-

1. Download the software from here.

2. Open the Windows & Office Toolkit.exe. It will be opened with administrative privileges. Click on the "Windows" logo as shown below.

3. Then Windows Toolkit will be opened. Click on "Activation".

4. Click on "EZ-Activator" and it will start to activate the windows. Enjoy the free windows from now..!!!

5. Same you can activate the Microsoft Office by selecting the option as below.

6. Click on "Activation".

7. Click on "EZ-Activator" and it will start to activate the Office. Enjoy the free MS Office from now..!!!

NOTE:- If this is not worked, please let us know here.

Please download the software from below.

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