How to unlock any Huawei modem/dongle for Free in few minutes

Here I am providing the software that can be used to unlock the Huawei modem.

Follow these easy steps to unlock.

  1. Download software here.
  2. Insert your modem to your computer with specified SIM, to collect your IMEI of the device.
  3. Copy IMEI in a notepad.
  4. Remove your modem & insert IMEI in the software downloaded.
  5. You will get UNLOCKING CODE & FASH CODE. Copy unlocking code in a notepad.
  6. Now reinsert your modem with SIM “OTHER THAN SPECIFIED”. Ex: Insert TATA DOCOMO in the AIRTEL modem.
  7. Now you will be asked for unlocking code in a small dialogue box.
  8. Paste unlocking code which is copied in notepad. Press OK.
  9. Now your modem is unlocked!!!!
  10. Note: There are ONLY 10 choices to unlock the modem.
  11. You cannot unlock the modem if 10 choices are used.
  12. Enjoy the browsing with any SIM in your modem!!!

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