Trigger is being called for each 200 records. How to make it to be called once for all records?

Most of the people face this scenario who work with bulk records. Assume you have a trigger for an object, and we are inserting 1000 records once.
For this case, trigger will process 200 records at a time. It processes 200 records once then trigger will be called once again for next 200 records.

With this our transaction sequence will be braked. Like if we are sending records to a batch, that batch will be called so many times with 200 records each time. It may break our scenario.

Most misconceptions about batteries - What you need to know.

Most of the things what we know about batteries are myths. I will explain all in detail below.

Make the battery full for first time use:
Generally batteries operate good when the battery is 40% to 80%. When we purchase a mobile,tablet or laptop, it will have optimum charging. We can start using the device right away after opening the box.

Frequent charging damages the life span of the battery:
It is also a myth.

We shouldnot use mobile while charging:
There are several incients we hear that mobile is exploded because victims are used mobile while charging. It is also not correct reason for the incient.
We can use mobile while charging. It doesnot matter whether you have connected charger or not, mobile or laptop uses battery for it's internal processes.
The actual reason for the explosion is over charging the battery. It leads to expansion of the positive and negetive plates. It releases consierable heat which heats up the gasses in the battery. As lithium ion batteries don't have ventilation facility, after a certain pressure, it cannot bear then explodes suddenly.
So, we have to make sure that we are not over charging the battery. Keep it 40% to 85% always.

But I recommend not to use mobile while charging as some phones emit considerable heat while using. Better not to purchase them 😉.

Freezing the battery will increase the lifespan of the battery:
This is also one of the myths. Freezing the battery does not increase its life span. It is same as you are not using the battery. 

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