Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I Exam Questions With Answers (31-35)

31. A developer needs to automatically populate ReportsTo field in a Contact record based on the values of the related Account and Department fields in the Contact record. Which type of trigger would the developer create?
A. Before Update
B. After Insert
C. Before Insert
D. After Update
32. A developer is creating an application to track engines and their parts. An individual part can be used in different type of engines. What data model should be used to track the data to prevent orphan records?
A. Create a junction object to relate many engines to many parts through a master-detail relationship.
B. Create a master-detail relationship to represent the one-to-many model of engine to parts.
C. Create a lookup relationship to represent how each part relates to the parent engine.
D. Create a junction object to relate many engines to many parts through a lookup relationship.
33. To which primitive datatype in Apex is a currency field automatically assigned?
A. Integer
B. Decimal
C. Double
D. Currency
34. Which resources can be included in a Lightning Component bundle? Choose 2 answers.
A. Apex Class
B. Adobe Flash
C. JavaScript
D. Documentation
35. A custom exception named “RecordNotFoundException” is defined by the following code:
public class RecordNotFoundException extends Exception {}
Which statement can a developer use to throw the custom exception? Choose 2 answers.

A. throw new RecordNotFoundException(‘Problem Occurred’);
B. throw new RecordNotFoundException();
C. throw RecordNotFoundException(‘Problem Occurred’);
D. throw RecordNotFoundException();
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