Salesforce Certified Platform Developer I Exam Questions With Answers

6.An org has different Apex Classes that provide Account-related functionality. After a new validation rule is added to the Account object,many of the test methods fail.
What can be done to resolve the failures and reduce the numbers of code changes needed for future validation rules?

Choose 2 answers
A. Create a method that creates valid Account records, and call this method from within test methods.
B. Create a method that loads valid Account records from a Static Resource, and call this method within test methods.
C. Create a method that performs a callout for a valid Account record, and call this method from within test methods.
D. Create a method that quires for valid Account records, and call this method from within test methods.

7.Which component is available to deploy using Metadata API?
Choose 2 Answers
A. Case Layout
B. Account Layout
C. Case Feed Layout
D. Console Layout

8.In the code below, what type does Boolean inherent from?
Boolean b = true;
A. Enum

9. What is the preferred way to reference web content–such as images, styles sheets, JavaScript, and other libraries–that is used in Visualforce pages?
A. By accessing the content from Chatter files.
B. By uploading the content in the Documents tab.
C. By accessing the content from a third party CDN.
D. By uploading the content as a Static Resource.

10.A company has a custom object named Warehouse. Each Warehouse record has a distinct record owner, and is related to parent Account in Salesforce.
Which kind of relationship would a developer use to relate the Account to the Warehouse?

A. One-to-Many
B. Lookup
C. Master-Detail
D. Parent-Child

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