How to get the passwords hidden behind Asterisks ****

Most of the browsers hides the saved passwords and shows asterisks. It’s a good security measure.

But some times, we may forget the saved password,as it may long time or too complex. Then we need to view it.

For use below tricks to do get the passwords hidden behind Asterisks.
First one:-
Open the inspect element at password box.
You will find code regarding it. Check for the type attribute.
Change type attribute from "password: to "text" and enter.
Now, in browser you will see the password.

Second method:
Note: It requires system password. If you are not user of the system, or don’t know the system login password, you can’t do it.

Most of the browsers have the own password bank in it’s settings.

Open the browser. Go to settings. Go to advanced settings. Open manage passwords.
You will see the list of saved passwords. Click on view.
It prompts the system password as security measure. Enter it.
You can view all passwords.

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