So many persons wander to all websites for the things they required like best softwares for optimization of the personal computer or laptop.In this website you can download softwares with keys,cracks and patches freely if they required for activation.You can click on each letter of each page to get softwares list.It also aimed to give some computer knowledge to visitors so that I put MS-Office. You can ask for softwares or patches, then I will provide.You can use "Ask me" tab to ask any doubts. I am studying and collecting the softwares which are must to use for system. You can ask me the software you’re required and I will find which is best suits to you and suggest.
As days are passing on the persons are becoming lazy. The new technologies are inventing to support for this. Most of the people don’t want to spend their valuable time on the internet for searching for the softwares and getting the knowledge by studying. So I am helping you somewhat in this regard. I am always being in your service.

I am D.Surender. I have completed B.Tech in Electronics.
I am from Devulawada, Adilabad, India. I have little bit knowledge in Computer hardware & software peripheral troubleshooting. So by establishing this website, I want to share my knowledge, ideas so that I can improve myself further. Along these I want to share some softwares and some entertainment data such as games etc… For softwares I have tried to provide keys if it consist.
You can ask any questions through commenting in the box provided in webpage.
Anyway I want to make my website useful to all types of viewers.
Thank you for visiting my website. Kindly help me to improve it by giving suggestions.