Abbreviations For Some Technical Words- Computing & IT Related

      In a day routinely we use so many technical abbreviations, actual full form for them, we know for some of them only. So to make clear about some of them are provided below.
3GP – 3rd Generation Protocol
AAC – Advanced Audio Codec
AC3 – Dolby Digital Sound File
AIFF – Audio Interchange File Format
AMR – Adoptive Multi Rate
AWB – Adoptive Multi Rate Wideband
AVI – Audio Video Interleaved
CDA – Compact Disk Audio
DLL – Dynamic Link Library
DVD- Digital Video Disk
EXE – Executable Format
FLAC – Free Lossless Audio Codec
FLV – Flash Live Video
GIF – Graphics Interchange Format
JAD – Java Application Development
JAR – Java Archive
MIDI – Musical Instrument Digital Interface
MMF – Music Mobile Format
MP2 – Mpeg Audio Layer 2
MP3 – Mpeg Audio Layer 3
MP4 – Mpeg Layer 4
MPEG – Motion Picture Experts Group
PDF – Portable Document Format
PNG – Portable Network/New Graphics
RM – Real Media
SIS – Symbian Installation Source
SWF- Shock Wave Flash
VCD – Video Compact Disk
VOB – Video Object
WAV – Waveform PCM Audio
WMA – Windows Media Audio
ZIP – Zone Improvement Plan

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